why banned me?

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    why banned me?

    I did not play false.

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    I removed you from our server because you are just to good a player. I know this seems unfair but you have to understand that this is an Official server and I keep it that way to get new players to come in and keep it full (Noobs). When a player hits the Play Now button they are directed to only Official servers which allows my server to stay populated. Also as an Official server I have no control like, moving, kicking, balancing, and banning (except if I restart the server the ban will take effect). I don’t have the time or patients to ask good players like yourselves to switch sides when you see your side is killing the other, nor do I think it is really right to require you to move.

    So my only option is ask you to go play on servers that better fit your skill and expertise. In watching over a period of time your scores have been double anyone else and almost every round ended with your team winning by 300 or more tickets. This is not fun for the new people I encourage to come into my server as you are using them to advance your fun.

    Thank you understanding and there are some good servers out there for you and I would recommend you look up (TBG) clan and their servers.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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